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Hair Loss Advice and hair loss Information - Everything you always wanted to know about hair loss but didn't know who to ask.

A lot of men today who suffer from hair loss are usually so intent on finding a solution, they will try almost anything. It's not that they are looking for some fountain of youth. They are just tired of hairloss making them look ten to fifteen years older than they really are, and they are committed to doing something decisive and positive about it. By reading  the advice on this site most people will at least be in a position to decide which hair loss treatment or hair loss product, if any is suitable for them.

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Hair Loss Treatment now!

Statistics have shown that in general, men start balding at the age of 30 and women at the age of 35!

Early warning signs of impending baldness:
• Receding hairline
• Visibly thinning hair
• Limp and lifeless hair

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There are several factors contributing to hair loss such as nutritional deficiency, poor lifestyle habits, excessive stress, and excessive styling.

However, the main culprit for hair loss is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a substance that is formed when the testosterone hormone combines with sebum and dirt in the hair follicle. DHT forms a layer over the hair follicle, cutting off essential nutrients to the growth of papilla cells and hair matrix cells – the main factors of healthy hair growth. Over time, the hair follicle will shrink, weakening the hair root and causing the hair to fall off.

Hair Loss Treatment ELYSYLE Tricho Care Hair Tonic’s patent-pending unique formulation addresses the root of the problem.

Hair Loss Treatment ELYSYLE Tricho Care Hair Tonic’s Patent-pending Tri-Action Revival Formula .
Formula use in Hair Loss Treatment ELYSYLE Tricho Care Hair Tonic

Tri-Action1) Prevent2) Strengthen3) Re-Grow
Unique Patent Pending Formulation
- 3 Key Plant-
based Actives
Sargassum Extract(brown algae)Ginkgo ExtractC. Vulgaris Extract
3 Actives in ActionReduces activity of DHT that causes hair loss (Patented ingredient)Revitalises/strengthens papilla 
and hair matrix cells for stronger hair roots and healthy, thicker hair.

Boosts blood flow, resulting in 

increased circulation that carries 
more oxygen and nutrients to the papilla cells and hair matrix to produce hair that’s thicker, stronger, healthier and darker.
Increases the vascular Endothelial
Growth Factor (VEGF) that creates new Capillary Vessels, thus 
promoting the breeding of papilla cells and the matrix cells, resulting in hair growth.
Tested and Proven Effective through Consumer Panel TestHair Fall Reduction by 52%Hair Grown Thicker + Stronger + Healthier + Darker by 58%New Hair Growth by 42%
Improved Overall Appearance (58%) - Best among Hair Loss Treatment

BENEFIT hair loss treatment ELYSLE TRICHO CARE hair tonic:

*Nourishes scalp hair follicles
*Helps to combat hair thinning and hair loss
*Helps to prevent dandruff and itching.
*Provides a smoothing and refreshing feeling
*Promotes healthy and strong hair strands


After shampooing use this hair loss treatment ELYSLE TRICHO CARE hair tonic on clean anda towel-dried hair.Apply onto scalp anda massage gently for 3 minutes using fingertips.Repeat application on affected parts of the scalp.Comb or style as usual.No rinsing required.


Use twist daily (morning and night) for 3-6 months.Reduce to once daily if desired.Recommended to use with ELYSLE TRICHO CARE hair Fail Control Shampoo And ELYSLE TRICHO CARE Hair types Conditioner.Ask me for buy this product.

*Product patented in JAPAN.

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Best Gout Treatment

Vinegar is alternative way of gout treatment among the earliest health food for mankind. In fact, it is
more than just a beneficial health drink as it is also widely used as a healthy food ingredient, taste enhancer and a steriliser.

Vinergy is an organic vinegar that is naturally fermented without any chemicals added. By using the natural fermentation process that takes about 21 months, all the nutrients and enzymes produced are retained.
With Vinergy(gout treatment), you can:

* Rejuvenate cells & cleanse blood systems
* Allay exhaustion & Relieve muscle pain
* Help digestion
* Reduce uric acid & relieve symptoms of gout
* Shift the body system towards a more alkaline condition

To ensure superior quality of the product, Vinergy undergoes
special fractionation process and is produced indoors with
high-quality production tools. Vinergy contains no pesticides,
fungicides, herbicides, chemicals, artificial flavouring and
Some other benefits of Vinergy Beetroot Vinegar include:

* Revitalising blood
* Energising the body
* Improving appearance of hair & skin


Weight Loss Products

Skipping meals, crash diets, starvation, fasting, extreme exercises, slimming teas and pills, body wraps, body massage - sound familiar?
There are various ways of losing weight but very often, the lost weight rebounds and our body shape reverts upon returning to our normal lifestyle.Use DR DIET Weight Loss Products to find good solution.Try Now..

DR DIET Weight Loss Products should not be a battle of willpower. Read on for the secrets to lose weight and break down stubborn fat simultaneously.

Secret 1 : Weight Loss Products WITH DR DIET

Eat to lose weight
- No more soup or teas three times a day with no food for 2-3 weeks. Dr Diet's weight loss products management plan allows you to eat/drink 5 times a day and you can opt for 2 small snacks and 1 normal meal daily on top of the delicious Dr Diet milkshake

DR DIET Weight Loss Products effectively
- Clinical studies on Dr Diet by John Hopkins University of Medicine showed that men on the programme lost an average of 30.6kg while women lost 21.6kg over 16 weeks with this weight loss products. This formulation is also used in major hospitals and recommended by over 15,000 physicians in U.S

DR DIET Weight Loss Products - Maintain your new weight
- No more weight rebound caused by water loss or a depressed metabolic rate.
DR DIET Weight Loss Products is designed to provide a healthy, gradual programme to promote fat metabolism while preserving lean muscle tissue.

DR DIET Weight Loss Products - Stay Healthy
No more ill health caused by insufficient nutrition.
DR DIET Weight Loss Products is nutritionally balanced as it is formulated based on the Asian Food Guide Recommendation. It is also rich in many essential vitamins, nutrients and dietary fibre that enable you to stay healthy.

DR DIET Weight Loss Products - Keep your social life
- Dr Diet plan is Weight Loss Products flexible as you can keep your lunch or dinner appointments while sticking to the programme.You can also plan your own meals by counting the calories or simply adopt any one of the 7-day sample meals.

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SECRET 2 : Zap the cellulite treatment with Eternal Beauty

While dieting, you can also get rid of stubborn flab and bulges around the navel, lower abs, lower back, side of waist, triceps, thighs, hips and buttocks even faster with Eternal Beauty.

This cellulite treatment designed to burn fat via micro vibration and assist slimming through hypodermic fat burning, Eternal Beauty breaks the fat cells into smaller molecules, firm and tone muscles as well as stimulate blood circulation with its four superior technologies:

- Ultrasound helps to break down fatty tissues and improves muscle tone
- Far Infrared Rays (FIR) firm and improves skin elasticity
- Anions help retard fine lines, wrinkles, freckles, sagging and rejuvenates skin
- Germanium neutralises skin cells to keep it healthy abd radiant

Just ZAP the cellulite treatment and flab and watch the fat disappear!

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Source :Elken Club Magazine 20/04/09